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How to wash the blanket with a washing machine and by hand extremely clean

How to wash the blanket with a washing machine and by hand extremely clean

How to wash the blanket with a washing machine and by hand extremely clean

How to clean a dirty bulky comforter gently and quickly? Check out this afamilygift article for the simplest and most effective way to wash blankets in the washing machine and by hand!

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What kind of blanket is machine washable?

Blankets and blankets measuring less than 180 cm x 230 cm. Weighs less than 4.7 kg and is made of synthetic or man-made fibers with a hand wash label. Such blankets will be suitable for washing the blankets in the washing machine. Then the machine will promote the maximum washing capacity.

In addition, you should also pay attention, avoid washing blankets in the washing machine with blankets made from wool, silk or electric blankets.


Should I wash my duvet in a washing machine?

Because the material is cotton, when washing by machine, the comforter may be ruffled and loose due to the impact of the washing machine vortex. However, that doesn't mean we can't use the comforter washing machine. You can wash the comforter with LG, Electrolux washing machines. Toshiba… Just the machine has a light washing mode, cotton laundry.

Sorting machine washable duvets

Not all comforters can be washed by machine washing. Before washing you need to sort them to make sure they can be washed with this washing method.

1. Blanket Size/Weight

The size of the blanket and the weight of the blanket is the first and most important factor that you need to pay special attention to before you let the washing machine handle it. If the size and weight of the blanket is too large, you need to consider washing it outside, or washing it with large industrial washing machines.

If the size of the blanket is small and moderate, the weight of the blanket is about 7-10kg, you can wash them at home by your own washing machine. However, in general, washing machines at home today can wash cotton blankets - the common size is 180 x 230 cm. The weight of the new generation cotton blanket is also much lighter, so machine washing is not too big of a problem.

2. Weight of washing machine

Similarly, when deciding to wash a comforter with a washing machine at home, you should also recalculate the weight of the washing machine to match the weight of the blanket. Today, there are many different types of washing machines: under 7kg, from 7 to kg, 9 to 10 kg and even over 10kg,... almost meeting the washing needs of every family.

3. Fabric Material

You should also check the fabric of the blanket to make sure it is not affected by machine washing. For fabrics such as tencel, cotton, synthetic fabrics, washing with a washing machine is completely simple. However, with sensitive materials such as silk, wool or brocade you need to consider carefully. You can see the manufacturer's notes on the blanket's label for more information.

4. Washing mode

In addition, when washing blankets with a washing machine, you also need to set a reasonable washing mode. There are types that can be washed with hot water, some types of strong washing, and some that should only be washed. Consider blanket material, weight, and manufacturer's notes to choose the best wash program.

How to fold a blanket before putting it in the washing machine

For a smooth and effective washing process, you need to fold the blankets properly before putting them in the washing machine.


First you need to remove the objects clinging to the blanket such as thread, hair, hard objects that are pinned on the blanket, etc. Then fold the blanket to ⅙ length and then fold it in the same way. Next, roll up the blanket and put it in the washing machine. So you're done with the folding step. Now just add washing liquid/detergent, softener and set the washing mode and start the machine and your blanket can be cleaned.

Instructions for washing cotton blankets, washing blankets with a washing machine

1. Preliminary cleaning of blankets

Shake the blanket to see if anything is caught or trapped in the blanket. Hard objects can tear the blanket and damage the washing machine. For hair, pick it up by hand or use tape to stick it.

2. Check the weight of the blanket to be washed

Cotton blankets can be light when dry, but very heavy when wet. The weight of the blanket must match the amount of laundry that the washing machine can wash. For example, a washing machine with a capacity of 7kg should only wash blankets weighing less than 5kg.

In addition, blankets must be fitted and have gaps in the drum. Absolutely do not wash oversized blankets in a normal washing machine at home to avoid damaging both the blanket and the machine. If your comforter is too big, you can take it out to a laundromat.

3. Wash blanket with washing machine for the 1st time

Add detergent and then choose a wash cycle for blankets, namely gentle wash or cotton wash. Next, press start washing.

4. Wash the blanket in the washing machine for the 2nd time

During the 2nd wash, do not add detergent solution. The purpose of the second wash is to let the blanket get rid of the soap that has built up inside the cotton fibers.

5. Tips for drying blankets

When washing for the second time, when the washing machine enters the drying phase, press pause. Then put some tennis balls inside the blanket. After washing the duvet, the cotton will be extruded. Tennis balls have the effect of hitting the cotton in the blanket, helping the cotton to be distributed evenly

6. Dry the blanket properly

Wait for the washing machine to finish washing the blanket with a washing machine, then shake the blanket to flatten it, then dry it in the sun or in a well-ventilated place.

 Note when washing blankets in the washing machine

- Do not scrub vigorously with a brush to avoid damage and ruffles.

- Do not soak cotton blankets with color patterns for a long time in the cleaning solution.

- The size and weight of the blanket must match the allowable washing weight of the washing machine.

- Should wash the duvet cover and duvet cover separately.

- Do not add too much soap when washing. Soap penetrates the cotton blanket and is difficult to clean.

- Some types of cotton blankets with specific materials are only suitable for dry cleaning. Need to look carefully at the product stamp to know this.

- Do not apply the method of washing felt blankets with cotton blankets. Because cotton blankets are more prone to ruffles and tearing than felt blankets.

- Choose suitable laundry chemical products.

How to wash a comforter by hand, clean and fast

In addition to washing the duvet in the washing machine, you can also clean the comforter by hand. Steps to wash the blanket by hand to make it cleaner and more durable:


Step 1: Wet the blanket or blanket. Squeeze out the water in the blanket to avoid thinning of the cleaning solution.

Step 2: Mix a cleaning solution such as soap, washing powder, bleach... with water, beat it up, and then soak the blanket in soap for about one to two hours.

Step 3: Roll each part of the blanket. You can use your foot to step on the blanket to rub the fabric together to remove the stains.

Step 4: Rinse with water. You can use fabric softener to keep the scent for a long time.

Step 5: Wring out the blanket and dry it in the sun.

Use washing powder or liquid detergent to clean blankets?

1. Should I use washing powder or liquid detergent to wash blankets?

With blankets in particular, cotton blankets in general, choosing the right cleaning compound is essential. Because the right detergent or washing liquid greatly determines the washing efficiency with its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the quality of washing powder or washing liquid has almost the same cleaning ability and you can completely use washing powder or washing liquid to wash blankets.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the washing method for each of these detergent compounds. For washing powder, you should not pour it directly on the surface of the blanket, but should first dissolve it with water because it may cause residue. On the contrary, washing water is quite easy to use, without too much attention. In particular, the washing process is also faster, saves water, does not stick to residue, is gentle, and safe. Therefore, washing water is recommended to be used more when washing large objects, fabrics that take a long time to dry such as blankets, mattress covers, bed sheets, ..

2. Detergents/powders can effectively clean blankets

There are many types of washing powder/washing liquid that can effectively wash blankets and blankets and you can easily choose and buy them on the market.

In particular, you should choose a cleanser that is gentle, gentle and does not irritate the skin, especially for families with young children - a group with relatively sensitive skin. Choosing a mild detergent/detergent also helps limit the condition of fabrics being corroded, blankets being discolored after washing.


Frequently asked questions about how to wash comforters:

1. Should washing powder or liquid detergent be used to wash the comforter?

It is recommended to use laundry detergent, because the powder particles are more difficult to dissolve. When the detergent particles penetrate the cotton, it is more difficult to rinse than washing water

2. How long does it take for a cotton blanket to dry?

Depending on whether you hand wash or machine wash, as well as the weather conditions to dry the blanket. If hand wash, dry for about 2 days in the hot sun, the blanket will be completely dry. If machine wash, and wring blanket before drying, just one sunny day.

3. Should I incubate an unused cotton blanket?

In order for the blanket not to be moldy and smelly, we can use desiccant packs or scented papers to incubate the cotton blanket. Should choose natural fragrances to ensure safety when taking out the blanket to use

4. Hand wash cotton blanket or wash the blanket in a washing machine cleaner?

Washing blankets in a washing machine can be cleaner than washing them by hand because: Hand washing helps to handle small stains more skillfully. But to wash a large duvet, you will have to do a lot of rubbing and wringing. Machine wash with the mechanism of rotating rings that continuously rotate and reverse. Thereby helping to wash the overall shirt clean effectively.

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